The Vulture Conservation Foundation is hiring a Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Assistant

The Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) is the leading organisation working to protect Europe’s vulture species, with one of its primary goals being the restoration of the Bearded Vulture population back to its former range in Europe. To achieve this goal, the VCF has been sustainably growing its reintroduction programmes across Europe, with projects releasing captive-bred birds from the VCF coordinated Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Network (EEP) across the Alps, France and Spain. Further to this, the VCF manages two specialised breeding centres in Spain that breed this species for conservation purposes - the Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Centre of Guadalentín and the Specialised Bearded Vulture Breeding Unit at the Recovery Centre Vallcalent. We are currently looking for a qualified and committed candidate to join our team as the Bearded Vulture captive breeding assistant at the Vallcalent Specialised Breeding Unit in Lleida, Spain. 


If you are interested, please download the document below for all the details regarding the position. The deadline for applications is the 20th of April 2020.


Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Assistant - Job Post
Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Assista
Adobe Acrobat Document 100.5 KB


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