Direct maps of vultures with GPS transmitters

The  Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project , funded by the Mava Foundation, is a cross-border initiative bringing together wildlife conservation organisations, governmental agencies and other stakeholder such as; hunting associations, farmers and scientists, in six Balkan countries to tackle illegal wildlife poisoning. Griffon Vultures were tagged within the project in North-Macedonia and Greece to help monitor their behaviour and movements, and be alerted quickly in case of a poisoning incident.





Griffon vultures marked in the Riserva Naturale Regionale del Lago di Cornino (IT)


On 4 July 2017, five griffon vultures have been marked with satellite tags in the Riserva Naturale Regionale del Lago di Cornino. In the framework of the LE-funded project "Big raptors in the National Park Hohe Tauern", four of this five griffons were marked on behalf of the National Park Hohe Tauern with the aim to study the spatial behaviour and the movement patterns between the breeding areas in Croatia and Friuli and the areas in Hohe Tauern which are frequently visited during the summer months.


Unfortunately all but one Griffon Vulture lost their tag already. F74 died because of electrocution. F75 is still transmitting data from Spain. 


Griffon Vulture F75:

The LIFE project Life under Griffon Wings in Sardinia aims to conserve the griffon vulture on Sardinia. One action is the restocking with birds from Spain. Birds entering rehabilitation centers in Spain were transported to Sardinia where they spent some time in a acclimatization aviary. In April 2018 12 birds were released, 6 of them equipped with a GPS transmitter. They were joined by two captive bred birds coming from the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

In the following months, more birds were released and below are the maps of the active transmitters. 








Inactive maps:


Griffon Vulture F77:

Griffon Vulture F80:

Griffon Vulture CXD:

Griffon Vulture F74:



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