Captive Breeding

Captive breeding programmes play an important role in reintroduction programmes because young vultures, in contrast to adult birds, perfectly adapt to a new environment.


VCF collaborates with over 50 zoos and breeding centres and coordinates the breeding of Bearded vultures in the ‘Richard Faust Breeding Centre’ in Vienna, that was opened in 1976 with financial support from Frankfurt Zoological Society and WWF Austria. The coordinators of the EEP’s of Bearded vultures. Cinereous vultures and Egyptian vultures all have a seat in VCF’s Advisory Board.


For reintroduction of Griffon vultures, VCF cooperates closely with European Zoos and recovery centres (especially in Spain). VCF helps the Bulgarian NGO ‘Green Balkans’ with provision of Griffon vultures for their reintroduction project in Bulgaria. This EU sponsored ‘LIFE+’ project is based on over 30 years of experience with reintroduction of Griffon vultures (in France), and is constantly adapted and improved.



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